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About Me

I am a fully qualified Acupuncturist and Naturopath (Lic.Ac, Dip Ac, Dip Nat), based in Castle Street in Dalkey.

Your journey to Recovery begins here...

I am a fully qualified Acupuncturist and Naturopath (Lic.Ac, Dip Ac, Dip Nat), based in Castle Street in Dalkey. I am a member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association, and so fully comply with the association’s code of ethics and best practice. I completed my postgraduate clinical training in the leading WHO Hospital of Traditional Medicine in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I specialise in Peri-menopause & Menopausal symptoms, Stress Management and Pain Management.


About Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine?

Like flowing water that travels through streams and rivers, so it is that qi (energy) flows smoothly through meridian channels of the body.  It is the vital life force and energy that nourishes and promotes the body’s natural healing process.

Originating over five thousand years ago in Asia, Oriental medicine encompasses Acupuncture, massage, cupping, moxabustion, nutrition, lifestyle and other related modalities that balance the body in order to restore and maintain health.  This works by balancing the yin-yang energies of qi in the body.

According to traditional Chinese medical theory, pain and illness arise when the cyclical flow of qi in the meridians become blocked or unbalanced.  Oriental medicine restores the proper balance of qi and blood, thus supporting the body to help correct itself.  It has the ability to alter various biochemical and physiological conditions in order to treat a wide variety of illnesses and disorders.

When qi and blood flows freely and unobstructed through the meridian channels, the body is balanced. A balanced body is a healthy body.

What does an Acupuncture Treatment feel like?

Acupuncture is performed by inserting very thin, disposable, sterilized, stainless-steel filaments (as fine as a human hair) into specific points located near or on the surface of the skin.  Most patients report a feeling of calm and often fall asleep during treatment.

After the first session, most people feel less pain, increased mobility, and very peaceful.  Common side effects of ongoing treatments include increased energy, improved clarity to the skin, improved digestion and improved quality of sleep.

Situated at Dalkey, Co. Dublin

Treatment room are designed to provide you with utmost comfort and privacy.

What Patients Say About Me

Phil is a very caring and thorough practitioner. She has great ability to find the true cause of health issues. Her treatments are very relaxing and really stimulate the recovery process. I would definitely recommend Phil Carew Acupuncture Clinic to anyone.

Jacinta C.

Phil is an amazing acupuncturist; thoughtful, articulate and caring. You're in safe hands!


Phil Carew offers so much more than just acupuncture. She is a true holistic practitioner who's aim is to get to the root of what ails her clients. She radiates integrity, empathy and kindness, putting her skills as an acupuncturist on another level.

I am so happy to have discovered Phil. She is that rare specimen - a gifted intuitive healer - who gives so much of herself to the healing process.

Thanks a million Phil for helping me get my mojo back!


Phil is an amazing acupuncturist. She helped me with managing tension headaches and she really managed my treatments in an holistic way. I can't recommend her enough.

Laura C.

I picked up a virus after a fourteen hour flight. Went to my doctor and had all sort of tests and treatments to no avail.  Four sessions with Phil got me back to myself.      Thanks Phil, you're a savior!

Eamonn H.

I went to Phil after having constant migraines for the past 2 years.  I was taking prescribed medication but nothing was working.  After a course of treatments I was pain free and medication free.  Thanks to Phil's help I'm smiling again!

Pauline R.

I went to Phil with pain in both of my thumbs.  The pain had been affecting my work for the last 6 month as I am a hairdresser.  I am happy to say after 2 treatments the pain is gone and I have had no issues since.  Thanks Phil!

Anna M.

Dear Phil,  Thank you for recent restorative course of Acupuncture.  I always feel heard, acknowledged, understood and respected when talking to you.  Until the next time, warm regards, Mary


I have attended Phil over the last few months to treat sciatica and an overactive bladder.  I have found her acupuncture treatments to be highly effective and noticed an improvement from the first session.  I had tried physiotherapy and medication for these issues but with little success.  I can't recommend Phil highly enough, she is thoroughly knowledgeable and professional and explains everything in great detail.  I was surprised to find her treatments so relaxing, often nodding off!  I always feel wonderful after a session with her.

Michele W.

Phil was able to completely remove the pain and numbness in my arm.  She's very professional and takes the time to explain what she's doing and what she's targeting in the treatment.  I highly recommend her and will definitely call her up whenever I feel any persistent pain or tension in my muscles.

Giorgio Pavesio