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Acupuncture for a thin uterine lining

The uterine lining is essential to one’s fertility. It is where the embryo implants at the start of a pregnancy, and the uterine lining supports proper growth and development of the baby throughout the pregnancy. What makes for a healthy uterine lining? 8 – 12 mm thick at mid-cycle, as measured by ultrasound Evenly distributed […]

Menopause-sitting in grass

Menopause – A Chinese Medicine Perspective

Menopause is a time when a woman’s life transitions from one stage into another.  Ideally, this is done gracefully, and without any problems or health concerns. In reality, I see women entering menopause with dread and fear.  They have been taught that menopause is a disease and that it will be a time for unpleasant […]


Using Acupuncture to address Headaches

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Is your go-to solution popping aspirin or ibuprofen for relief?   Do you dread the headaches that come with stress, worry, or as part of your menstrual cycle, or after you eat? From a Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM prospective, there are many different causes of frequent headaches. Imbalances […]